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My son and I went to CP for a week in October of 2011, to take aerobatics. My instructor was Judy, and she deserves every bit of being a Master CFI. Judy is really good at instruction, not only in the air but on the ground as well. She even invited us to attend the award ceremony when she received Master CFI for the 2nd time. I learned a whole lot, and even came away with a Spin Endorsement. I also learned a lot on tail wheel techniques. I didn’t get signed off because i was there for aerobatics. I am thinking of returning there as now i can drive there in a day to finish my tail wheel, and i will pay the extra for Judy, as she is worth it. She has lots of patience with her students and is always plesant, and in sync with her students. You cannot go wrong taking lessons from CP. Ron
Ronald Malavotte
Using the Michael E. Blackstone Memorial Scholarship from the Fullerton 99s was an AERODYNAMICALLY ENLIGHTENING experience. Couldn't ask for finer aircraft or instructor and cannot wait to complete Module 3! Thanks Judy :-)
Dana Glidden
So for my 40th birthday my lady got me an aerobatic flight. Something I had always wanted to do. So it was scheduled for my birthday, we showed up and everyone in the front office was simply down to earth, friendly and kind. I meet my pilot Mark, now that guy is one funny person. He is an amazing pilot! I had the best birthday ever thanks to everyone at CP aviation! Hands down the best experience ever!
Jon conley

Needed my spin endorsement for my CFI rating. Mark King did my instruction and he was wonderful. Fun to fly with and very knowledgeable. A highly recommended "eye-opener" course that I believe everyone should do at least once (better still regularly).

Ian Shere
Had an introductory Aerobatics flight with CP. Fantastic facilities and Instruction.
Peter Hodgkins

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Tailwheel Endorsements and Emergency Maneuver Training Complete!

Florian and Sales visited us from Switzerland, they are both airline pilots. CFIs Mark King & Peter Carlson - November 27, 2019
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Jim Capra - Emergency Maneuver Training Complete!

November 16, 2019 - CFI Rochelle Oslick 
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Emergency Maneuver Training - George Abatt

June 23, 2019 - CFIs Rochell Oslick & Mark King 
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Emergency Maneuver Training - Quincy Zlotnick

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Emergency Maneuver Training - Chris Copenheaver

May 30, 2019 
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Emergency Maneuver Training - Jake Davis

April 3, 2019 - CFI Rochelle Oslick 
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Kate Volkova - Emergency Maneuver Training &Tailwheel Endorsement

​October 31, 2018 - CFI Mark King
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Emergency Maneuver Training - Kent Field

 August 10, 2018 - CFI Charles Steiger
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