Rental & Instructor Rates

Aircraft Rental Rates

Cessna 150 (We have 4) $110.00 per hour
Cessna 152 $110.00 per hour
Cessna 172 (We have 4) $145.00 per hour
Cessna 182 RG $211.00 per hour
Citabria 7GCBC $149.00 per hour
Citabria 7ECA $125.00 per hour
Decathlon (150 HP, Dual Only)  $185.00 per hour
Super Decathlon (180 HP) $212.00 per hour


All rates include fuel, but do not include fuel rate adjustments that may be in effect.

All rates subject to change without notice.


Instruction Rates

Instruction Regular $75.00 per hour
Instrument, Commercial, Tailwheel Instruction $80.00 per hour
Master Instructors Judy/Mark/Rochelle, other than EMT/Acro $90.00 per hour
Master Instructors EMT/Aerobatic $114.00 per hour
EMT/Aerobatic $100.00 per hour