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Needed my spin endorsement for my CFI rating. Mark King did my instruction and he was wonderful. Fun to fly with and very knowledgeable. A highly recommended "eye-opener" course that I believe everyone should do at least once (better still regularly).

Ian Shere
Had an introductory Aerobatics flight with CP. Fantastic facilities and Instruction.
Peter Hodgkins

I was reintroduced to general aviation in 2013 and decided that it was time to get my private pilot’s license.  Fortunately, a good friend introduced me to Santa Paula Airport and CP Aviation.  I trained with Judy Phelps, Owner of CP Aviation and instructor Mark King.  The aviation community and atmosphere there is very supportive, it is the perfect place to learn to fly.  As all pilots know, a pilot’s license is a license to learn to fly.  There is always more to learn.  CP Aviation offers advanced flight training: tailwheel, Emergency Maneuver and Aerobatic training.  I recently had the pleasure of completing the EMT training at CP Aviation. It was a great confidence builder, has improved my pilot skills and was great FUN!

Lisa Kienholz

Hi Mark, Hi Judy

I’m finally back in cold and snowy Switzerland and I would like to say thank you for the great time I had at CP Aviation again. I’m sure I improved my flying skills and made a lot of new experiences! Very friendly and helpful staff, well maintained aircrafts and beautiful Santa Paula Airport! Hope I will be able to visit CP Aviation again in future.

Thanks again all the best!


In 2015 I was selected as the Vickie Cruse Memorial Scholarship winner for CP Aviation’s full EMT/Acro course developed by Rich Stowell. I received the news with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. CP Aviation’s reputation is well known, reaching all the way out to New York State where I live and work as a flight instructor. I knew I was being offered an a superb opportunity, but I worried whether I’d be up for the challenges presented by Emergency Maneuvers Training and Aerobatics, especially given some powerfully negative experiences I’d had in the past.

I’ve been flying for more than 25 years, and and have made my living in aviation for decades. Over the years, I developed some cynicism about flight instruction, especially when somebody claims to have all the answers. I am delighted to report that CP Aviation exceeded all my expectations. Judy Phelps and her team presented a challenging course that required me to fly at my best, but always gave me the tools I needed to understand the material and succeed. The aircraft were clean and well maintained, ready for dispatch and flew beautifully. With a waivered aerobatic box just a few miles off the end of the runway, we didn’t waste any time shuttling back and forth to the practice area. Most importantly, the teaching was highly professional. The material was presented in a way that provided ample time for discussion, and I always knew exactly what was going to happen before we strapped into the airplane.

Judy and Mark (King) stayed focused on making sure I was learning as much as possible, and didn’t waste any time trying to impress me, show off or polish their own egos. They challenged me to think about being “in control” in new ways, and I flew both harder and better than I ever have before. I came away from the experience with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I know that I am a better pilot and a safer flight instructor thanks to the training I received there.

Wayne Bezner Kerr CFI/MEI/DPE

CP Aviation - Instructor Bios

Judy Phelps

Judy Phelps, Master Certified Flight Instructor-Aerobatic, CFI – Instrument, specializing in Tailwheel, Spins, Emergency Maneuver Training and Aerobatics.

Judy is our Chief Flight Instructor.

She is the 2011 National Flight Instructor of the Year, the 2010 Western Pacific Region FAA Flight Instructor of the year, the 2008 Professional Woman Pilot of the Year by the Southwest Section of the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots, and the 2006 Woman Pilot of the Year by the Ventura County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines. She is also a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). Judy’s career in aviation started in 1994 when she met and married Clay Phelps, the CP of CP Aviation. In 2003 she became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and has logged over 8,000 hours.

Berkeley Brandt

Berkeley Brandt, CFII, comes from a family of pilots (mother, father, uncles) and began flying in 1963. After another career as a cardiac surgeon, he has become obsessed with flying after retirement in 2004 and began teaching at CP Aviation in 2010. It turns out that there are many similarities between teaching heart surgery and flying.

His main focus has been primary flight training, but he enjoys instrument training as well. He is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE).

Mark R King

Mark King, Master Certified Flight Instructor-Aerobatic, CFI- Instrument, Advanced and Instrument ground instructor, is a southern California native who was born into an aviation family and began flying in 1974. Mark has extensive experience flying in Alaska in a turboprop Quest Kodiak, has over 1000 hours flying the Beechcraft Bonanza and is G1000 qualified.

He is a member of the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE) and the North American T6 formation group called the Condor Squadron. He teaches Private Pilots, Instrument, Commercial, Tailwheel, Emergency Maneuver Training, and Aerobatics.

Rochelle Oslick

Rochelle Oslick, CFI, began flying in 1984, at the Edwards AFB Flying Club, while she was stationed there as a USAF Flight Test Engineer. Shortly after earning her private pilot license, Rochelle started flying tailwheel/aerobatic airplanes at Santa Paula Airport, which quickly became her favorite airport. As an aerospace engineer, several job changes, from the USAF, to Lockheed in Burbank, to Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, and finally to The Boeing Company in Seattle, led her to base her flying from other airports in southern California and in western Washington. Along the way, Rochelle earned her Instrument and Commercial ratings, and then CFI, and started flight instructing part-time, mostly in tailwheel and aerobatic airplanes, in the Seattle area. After retiring from Boeing, Rochelle moved back south, to Ventura County, and is flight instructing at CP Aviation, at her favorite airport, teaching Private Pilots, Tailwheel, Spins, Emergency Maneuver Training, and Aerobatics. She also participates in aerobatic competitions, flying her Christen Eagle II in Intermediate category. She is a member of SAFE, IAC, Ninety-nines International Organization of Women Pilots, Women in Aviation International, and AOPA.

Bryan Hudson

Bryan Hudson - ATP, CFII, MEII, Tailwheel - is a lifelong aviation enthusiast.  He started flying in hang gliders as a teenager then moved up to the “heavy” Cessna 152 when he earned his private pilot certificate in 1987.  Bryan began flying professionally in 1990, primarily working in scheduled air cargo operations all across the country where he accumulated many hours of night, multiengine, turboprop, and instrument experience, and his Airline Transport Pilot certificate.  In 2004 he began working in the emerging unmanned aircraft industry as evaluation pilot, instructor, and systems engineer.  Bryan has been a CFI with single and multiengine instrument instructor ratings since 1991 and is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE).  Bryan is available mainly on weekends and some evenings when the days are long.

Hunter Worthington

Hunter Worthington, CFI/CFII, has been flying since he was 13 years old. Flying has been a big passion throughout his life, with the influence from his Grandpa being a missionary pilot, to his parents taking his family to the Edwards Air Force Air Show as a kid. Hunter attended Boise State University, majoring in Exercise Science. He enjoys teaching Private, Instrument, and Commercial students.

Mike Bowers

CFII-MEI, Glider and SES

Mike has been flying at SZP since 1981. His first Cessna 172 landing was remarkable for its use of the entire length of Runway 22. Once the proper power and airspeed parameters were mastered, Mike followed with all his ratings and began flight instructing to keep his learning curve steep. Flying tailwheels and aerobatics have always been a favorite as Mike does it in a large range of machines from his classic J-3 Piper Cub, to Citabrias, Decathlons and Pitts Specials. His aviation achievements include an accident free flying record and a couple of FAI US National city to city speed records.

Remember that SZP is an aviation treasure and is world renowned for it’s place in history. Fly safely and learn from the best instructors at CP Aviation!

Jimmy Stegner

CFI/CFII/MEI Advanced and Instrument ground instructor.

He grew up around general and corporate aviation. His father flew for a living and owned a Piper Cherokee. In college he decided he didn’t want to become a pilot and pursued a degree in Advanced Finance. After college and becoming a successful business person he felt something was missing from his life so he started taking flying lessons at CP Aviation and found his passion. One and a half years later he was a Certified Flight Instructor! He owns a Cessna 172 and enjoys flying all over the country. Other hobbies include traveling the world to exotic destinations surfing and kite surfing.

Chad Schutze


Chad is one of our newest flight instructors here at CP Aviation, however he has been instructing for two years in Auburn, California while he was attending Sacramento State University and earning a degree in Economics. He comes from a family of aviators. His grandfather, father, both uncles, and aunt are all pilots too. Chad learned to fly at Santa Paula airport where he made his first solo in a Piper J3 Cub.

Nicholas Mitchell


Nick had an interest in aviation from a young age. He remembers being inspired from his first ever airplane ride on a Boeing 727 at 15 years old. He began flying and working towards his Private Pilot Certificate shortly thereafter. Nick attended and graduated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS in Aeronautical Science

He has been a Certified Flight Instructor since 2003 and currently teaches part-time. While not flight instructing, Nick has been serving his community as a full-time Police Officer for over 10 years. Nick has flown and taught in a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft.

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