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Mazi & Noah working on N97172

Removing a fuel tank from Cessna 172.

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N97172 - Before and After

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N97172 - Start to Finish

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N97172 is home!!

Kudos to Art-Craft for a fantastic job!!

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Mazi & Noah bring N97172 home!!

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N97172 - Finishing Touches

N97172 is coming home today! Great work by Art-Craft in Santa Maria.

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N97172 - Almost Done!!

N97172 is almost done!! Looking good!

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N97172 - Accent Lines Taped Out

N97172 - Tape lines for accent lines.

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N97172 - White Base Paint

N97172 - Looking good with new white paint!

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N97172 - Paint Stripped

N97172 - Stripped to bare metal.

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N97172 - Old Paint Being Stripped

N97172 - Stripper applied to entire plane to remove old paint.

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N97172 - Being Prepped for New Paint

N97172 Being prepared for new paint at Art Craft in Santa Maria.

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In the Shop

Sal performing a 100 Hour Inspection on N1603G.

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In the Shop

Mark working on a Cessna 185.

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N57404 Recover

Jack adding fabric to N57404's Belly!

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