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CP Aviation FAQs

How much does a Private Pilot Certificate cost?

Sample Cost Estimate For a Private Pilot Certificate

55 hours rental for a Cessna 150: $5,335.00

60 hours instructor time $3,600

Check ride, Medical Certificate, Written Exam $900.00

Books and Supplies $425.00

Estimated Cost $10,260.00

The FAA has a number of very helpful free resources for Student Pilots, starting with The Student Pilot’s Guide This guide outlines what you can expect of a good flight school, a good flight instructor, and what you need to be prepared to bring to your flight training experience.

How Much Will It Cost, Really?

The complete cost of your training is subject to a lot of different variables. The average cost of flight training in the US is between $7,000-10,000. It can be broken down into different categories: Aircraft Rental, Instructor Time, and Supplies. In addition, you will need to pay for a physical examination to obtain your Medical Certificate/Student Pilot License, and you will pay fees for taking your knowledge test and practical examination.

The cost of aircraft rental varies depending on the type of aircraft you are training in, and how many hours you need to train in that aircraft, which varies from one student pilot to the next. The minimum number of hours required by the FAA for the Private Pilot certificate is 40 hours. The average number of hours, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is 40 to 70 hours. It is important to develop a realistic set of expectations for yourself, based on your own learning style and lifestyle.

The cost of primary flight instruction is $60.00 per hour at CP Aviation. Instruction takes place both in flight, and on the ground in our classroom area. The FAA requires a minimum number of hours of dual flight instruction, and some hours of ground instruction. In addition, you should plan additional time to study on your own.

Materials you will need to purchase include sectional aeronautical charts, books, and an E6B and plotter for making flight plans. Headsets are available for rent at CP, or you may wish to purchase your own.

Who can learn?

Surprisingly, almost ANYONE can learn to fly! Men and women, young and old, from all walks of life, have mastered the secrets of flight. You must be at least 16 years old to fly solo, and you must be 17 years old to earn a private pilot license. TSA requires us to obtain proof of your right to obtain flight training in the US. All you need is good overall health, motivation, and a personal commitment to learning the skills you need to fly!

What Airplane Do I Learn to Fly In?

Primary flight training is done in one of the following airplanes: the Cessna 150, Cessna 152, or Cessna 172.

Must I Own An Airplane?

No! Unless you fly a lot, it’s more cost effective to rent airplanes from a flight school. Renting an airplane is similar to renting a car, without the hassle!

Who Will Be Teaching Me?

Specially trained pilots, designated as Certified Flight Instructors by the Federal Aviation Administration, will teach you how to fly. As a group, CP Aviation’s instructors have accumulated many thousands of hours of flight experience. They are noted for the sincere and individual attention they give each and every student!

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